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About Sweepstakes.ca

Sweepstakes.ca is a privately held canadian corporation that has been funded by the founder and patron investors, invisible helpers and guardian angels.

We are a business-to-audience network property that is attentive to the needs of our members, as we place value and loyalty at the core of our relationships. With every project we are involved in, we foster a positive difference through a strong sense of ethical identity, etiquette and protocol.

Channel sites that reach our audience culture include the following business-to-audience properties --

https://www.sweepstakes.ca -- sweepstakes, contests + free stuff channel
https://www.wingasoline.ca -- had enough of high gas prices .... then win gasoline!
https://www.carzoo.ca -- VIN Lead Generation for Automotive Dealerships
https://www.canadaautofinance.ca -- easy car financing + auto loan aproval
https://www.canadacar.loans -- easy car financing + auto loan aproval
https://www.giftrewards.ca-- daily gift card and rewards programs
https://www.shopandcompare.ca -- compare products, financial instruments, credit cards
https://www.cashsurveys.ca -- earn money + prizes for completing company surveys

Not one of our members receives any compensation in taking action through targeted display advertising on our webiste, in-path, email or social media initiatives. Thus all traffic is genuine, as the purpose of this site is to provide added value consumer offers, sweepstakes, daily deals, event sales, risk free trials, surveys to earn money, content and so much more in order to establish and create a meaningful connection between our audience and advertisers in kind. All the while, providing a unique opportunity to click, broswe and carouse with no strings attached and no purchases necessary - all free - all the time, while adhering to the ideals of business etiquette and principles of trust. The company offers a supportive and flexible approach with our members and the advertisers that wish to reach out to our audience. We will communicate to our members via the website, social media and newsletter in a non-intrusive relevant matter that is purely permission based and compliant with all privacy laws domestically and internationally. WE WILL NOT sell your personal information. PERIOD.

The measure of success will not be in the short term - as this projects inherent future beckons growth and evolution in so many areas and will move forward are directed with care and diligence.

We are fortunate enough throughout the years to have already received so many wonderful emails that have touched us in a positive way.

Our team looks forward to adding value to your online experience and keeping you aware of all site modifications. You are more than welcome to share your thoughts and insights with our company. We are here to serve our members as best we can. Please provide us with feedback on the site, product selection, or any feature that might help make your experience with us better.

We are one little canadian company with a delicious appetite.