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Create a Contest
Lead generation and branding via a contest or sweepstake is a brilliant way for a business to recruit and acquire a potential customer or online evangelist for your brand to initiate viral marketing initiatives.

We are steadfast in our convictions and principles in that we thoroughly emphasize loyalty marketing. Contests and sweepstakes have the ability to do exactly that and exponentially spread the gospel pertaining to your brand. However, contest lead generation solutions will only yield successful results if the appropriate initiatives are in place to value the relationship upon its inception. The real energy on the marketing front goes into attracting new customers via a contest or sweep, while the ultimately more important task of nourishing the lead provided gets a lower glamour rating. It does not make sense to invest in attracting the customer then failing to match that effort with the genuine follow through that creates the long-term relationship. We continuously remind our clients that loyalty marketing will yield a strong customer relationship as it is vital for both short term growth and long term success. The key is to engage the customer and reward their permission. Offering a consistently vivid experience with a brand is something a competitor cannot match. With a well orchestrated promotion or rewards program to cultivate business and spread the word, the result will be an increase in subscriber satisfaction, conversion and retention and the prospects for a positive relationship with customers and ROI will soar.

Often, a lot of money and effort is spent on a great prize and an engaging contest, with maybe an attractive web interface and appealing graphics. This is all meant to leave customers with a favorable opinion and good feeling about your products, services and company. Unfortunately, there are five mistakes marketers often make when running a promotion, creating an unfavorable consumer experience. Your prospects and customers either just go away, or worse, go away and tell others of their lousy experience.

We make sure that doesnt happen. Your customers and prospects have fun, return to your contest and spread the word.

How do we make sure this happens? We put the contest campaign through a program we call "The Contest ROI Maximizer". The Contest ROI Maxmizer helps you develop and refine your contests in a way that leaves every contestant with a positive feeling about your product, service and company, as well as buying actions that go beyond the end of the promotion.

All programs are custom tailored per client. To learn more in this regard, contact our offices.

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