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We are one little canadian company with a delicious appetite.

Thereby, it is always a juggling act to put together all that is required to operate this site, and in particular, the finances that go with keeping it live.

Advertising dollars exist, but quite frankly, they do not even remotely cover costs. We have in the past, and continue to receive, inquiries with regard to sponsorship. So in a nutshell, yes!

Ideally, depending upon the amount of funding we are provided, a corporate or individual sponsor would have a dedicated page or run of site, branding and expsosure of their company, their cause or their initiative. Simply put, we are open to this platform in our mandate to continue the evolution of our femail.ca property and the sweepstakes.ca network.

If you are interested, please contact sponsor@sweepstakes.ca via email with the SUBJECT LINE: Sponsorship - Your Name Here

All interest will remain confidential until the point of moving forward.
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