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:: in a nutshell
Every business faces the challenge of demonstrating the value of its products and services, to existing and potential customers, in the most viable and effective way obtainable. The sweepstakes.ca network channel, with its market reach and dynamic capabilities has rapidly become a vital branding, lead generation and communications channel in Canada and the United States. Our property will establish and enhance your firm's identity and rapport with a large female consumer audience.

Sweepstakes.ca is a division of cody montana inc., an integrated marketing services company that gives consumers unrivaled opportunities to gain access to exclusive contests, freebies, product trials, daily deals and unique value added offers. Our consumer based membership and loyalty programs create lead generation, traffic and goodwill brand initiatives with multi-channel venues for our clients and marketing partners to generte incremental revenue and enjoy enhanced loyalty.

Online advertising with our network properties provides the opportunity to develop marketing strategies that reach your target customer sectors. Our team will help you develop integrated sponsorships that can build brand awareness, grow market share, promote product strengths, and drive customer referrals.

The sweepstakes.ca channel property and femail.ca network partner site offers ad units and marketing derivatives for data capture and traffic generation for exceptional branding, sales and ROI initiatives in the profit equation. With an empowering commitment to the community and value creation, we successfully provide our clients with brand equity. Our properties connect consumers with businesses and advertisers in kind, impacting customer acquisition and loyalty retention -- in a non-intrusive relevant matter that is purely permission based and compliant with all privacy laws domestically and internationally. We provide a unique opportunity without "incentive laden" techniques or any "strings attached", access to contests + sweet freebies, private shopping blowout sales of designer brands, "try before you buy" health, nutrition + beauty product trials, samples, coupons, gift rewards, content articles, tips + DIY projects, business and money opportunities and so much more, while always adhering to the ideals of business etiquette and principles of trust.

Sweepstakes are a form of marketing that people actually like. Statiscally, more than 80% of all internet users have entered at least one online competition in the last year, and 50% enter them at least once a month (Jupiter Research 2016).

With success, retention and accountability, we assist advertisers and commercial providers grow their market sectors and revenue streams by acquiring high quality leads for direct response results, fact based research, analysis, and information pertaining to critical aspects of their brands.

The key aspect of the network property is that it adds value to the user's experience. When the consumer has finished "clicking, browsing and carousing", they have already built a relationship with the network property and any number of the advertisers listed. Our channel offers create a positive buzz, increasing traffic and brand equity for all advertisers; the greater the perceived value of all offers, the greater the positive reinforcement accompanied with the branding of any offer, will be. Word-of-mouth marketing strategies will be effective because they create an information-based relationship with the member audience. Relevant discussion arms the network members with the information they need to evangelize about the offer and brand sponsor to their peers, ensuring that the most influential people online, the audience membership, are recommending the offer and client site to other people and other communities. This strategy works as the request for further information was created by the consumer and not by the advertiser.

From the sweepstakes.ca network property perspective, it is critical to secure a clients' assessment in the understanding of loyalty retention and adoption of its basic principles prior to any lead generation engagement. The network is steadfast in its convictions and principles. Advertising and lead generation solutions will only yield successful results if the appropriate initiatives are in place to value the relationship upon its inception. The key is to engage the customer and reward their permission -- creating greater long-term value and building a lasting relationship. For a client, offering a consistently vivid experience with their brand is something that competitors cannot match. The result will be in increase in subscriber satisfaction, conversion and retention - and will yield in magnitude positive viral and advocacy marketing, spreading the good word and cultivating business. The value creation afforded by the network will have then run full circle and the advertiser will be poised to renew its media placement.

The sweepstakes.ca network is non-incentivized. Not one member will receive financial compensation for participating in any offer. Not one individual must sign up for 'X' offers in order to be eligible for any associated prize or offer. The target audience may sign up for as little, or as many, vendor offers as they choose. We therefore facilitate a genuine interaction of push marketing that is capable of leveraging brand awareness with loyalty to cultivate business and guide lead generation solutions according to business goals, and do so in a much friendlier manner. Branding is being conducted in a noninvasive style, embodying a unique culture that must be respected, providing the most effective way for a business to acquire a potential customer for a cornucopia of advertiser initiatives:

 building of goodwill, brand equity, loyalty and viral marketing initiatives
 teach audience about your brand (ie. sweepstake entries must answer a skill testing question about your brand before entering)
 encouraging risk free product trials and loyalty programs that build sales
 building of a mailing list to initiate and develop correspondence
 rewarding your existing email database while encouraging "people sharing" and referring the contest to their social network
 gain valuable real-time feedback and engagement from customers by conducting market research
 gauging the impact and the current health/viability of a product or service
 cost-effectively build awareness and interest about product offerings
 recruit the online influencers, creating evangelists for your brand
:: demographics, performance metrics + network statistics
 100.0% of the audience is opt-in verified
 9.0% are between the ages of 18 -25
 21.1% are between the ages of 26 -35
 26.7% are between the ages of 36 -45
 27.3% are between the ages of 46 -55
 14.7% are between the ages of 56 -65
 1.2% are between the ages of 65 +
 75% of the audience is female
 25% of the audience is male
 94.2% reside in Canada
 5.8% reside in the United States
 8.0% live in the province of Alberta
 13.2% live in the province of British Columbia
 4.9% live in the province of Manitoba
 3.9% live in the province of New Brunswick
 2.6% live in the province of Newfoundland
 0.5% live in the Northwest Territories
 6.4% live in the province of Nova Scotia
 0.2% live in the territory of Nunavut
 50.3% live in the province of Ontario
 1.0% live in the province of PEI
 5.6% live in the province of Quebec
 3.4% live in the province of Saskatchewan
 17.2% of the audience speaks French in addition to English
 14.8% of the audience speaks another language in addition to English
 average page views for the network is between 30,000 - 75,000 per month
 average time on site is 4 minutes and 12 seconds
 average direct traffic accounts for 41.2% of visitors
 average referral site traffic accounts for 35.08% of visitors
 average search engine traffic accounts for 23.15% of visitors
:: create a contest
Lead generation and branding via a contest or sweepstake is a brilliant way for a business to recruit and acquire a potential customer or online evangelist for your brand to initiate viral marketing initiatives. Contests and sweepstakes have the ability to do exactly that and exponentially spread the gospel pertaining to your brand. However, contest lead generation solutions will only yield successful results if the appropriate initiatives are in place to value the relationship upon its inception. The real energy on the marketing front goes into attracting new customers via a contest or sweep, while the ultimately more important task of nourishing the lead provided gets a lower glamour rating. It does not make sense to invest in attracting the customer then failing to match that effort with the genuine follow through that creates the long-term relationship. We continuously remind our clients that loyalty marketing will yield a strong customer relationship – as it is vital for both short term growth and long term success. The key is to engage the customer and reward their permission. Offering a consistently vivid experience with a brand is something a competitor cannot match. With a well orchestrated promotion or rewards program to cultivate business and spread the word, the result will be an increase in subscriber satisfaction, conversion and retention – and the prospects for a positive relationship with customers and ROI will soar.

Additionally, a lot of money and effort is spent on a great prize and an engaging contest, with maybe an attractive web interface and appealing graphics. This is all meant to leave customers with a favorable opinion and good feeling about your products, services and company. Unfortunately, there are five mistakes marketers often make when running a promotion, creating an unfavorable consumer experience. Your prospects and customers either just go away, or worse, go away and tell others of their lousy experience.

We make sure that doesnt happen. Your customers and prospects have fun, return to your contest and spread the word.

How do we make sure this happens? We put the contest campaign through a program we call "The Contest ROI Maximizer". The Contest ROI Maxmizer helps you develop and refine your contests in a way that leaves every contestant with a positive feeling about your product, service and company, as well as buying actions that go beyond the end of the promotion.

All "create a contest" programs are custom tailored per client. To learn more in this regard, fill out and submit our "create a contest" form.
:: advertising modules + formats for redirect and/or data capture
We offer the following advertising derivatives and ad unit sizes;

Lead Box Placement (100 x 100 graphic with a one sentence tag line; launch to unique landing page with a 100 x 100 graphic and a four sentence description of contest/sweep/sample/giveaway)

Graphical Unit Advertising (300 x 250; 160 x 600; 728 x 90; and custom dimensions upon client request)

Text Advertising (relevant, valuable information via a text link anchor to your site)

Rich Media + Streaming Video Big Box Ad (custom dimensions upon client request)

   Enable and synchronize interactive advertising by adding value to our users' experience while enhancing the advertisers' customer
   acquisition objectives. By offering a unique platform while connecting with the audience at the precise time of engagement.
   Having vividly distinguished the brand, signups and traffic to the advertiser site will increase significantly as audience
   attention and interest is elevated. It is a brilliant collaboration between the technical and the creative.

Opt In Co-Registration Data Capture We collect the entries and then pass on the data and redirect them to your site.

   You receive the consumer's first name, last name, full postal mailing address, city, province, postal code, country,
   the consumer's date of birth and gender -- all of this data capture begins at $3.50 per record.

:: advertising rates
Rates for all ad derivatives are dependent upon the advertising module chosen, its page placement within the property, its location on the page as to above the fold or below fold and where its exact location is below the fold. In order to initiate a relationship with sweepstakes.ca for ad placement, we request to know in advance the product offering, the media spend for the campaign and the reciprocal landing page in order to assess our acceptance of the client and the most viable options for success of your program.

All advertising units placed on the sweepstakes.ca network channel are either on a cost per lead basis [CPL], on a cost per acquisition [CPA] model, on a cost per sale basis [CPS], or on a monthly placement remuneration fee dependent upon its page location and its position on site. Email marketing initiatives on priced on a cost per deployment [CPD] model.

To inquire about advertising, fill out and submit our form below.
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